15 Sept 2017

PsqlForks now supports PipelineDB

After working on this PSQL variant that intends to support all Postgres forks, I finally narrowed down to naming it.

Since this was essentially Psql (for) Forks, quite intuitively, I chose to name it PsqlForks.

Considering that until recently this fork just supported Amazon Redshift, this naming didn't make much sense if it wasn't supporting at least 2 forks :) !

Thus, PsqlForks now supports PipelineDB!

$  /opt/postgres/master/bin/psql -U pipeline -p 5434 -h localhost pipeline
psql (client-version:11devel, server-version:9.5.3, engine:pipelinedb)
Type "help" for help.

pipeline=# \q

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