29 Sept 2017

PsqlForks now recognizes PgBouncer

With this commit, PsqlForks knows when it's talking to PgBouncer (and not Postgres).

Down the line, this should pave way for PsqlForks to more cleanly convey why (most of) the given psql shortcut(s) don't work (and what else does).

As always, the psql/README always has the most updated status of any engine support.

$ psql -h localhost -E -p6543 -U postgres pgbouncer
psql (client-version:11devel, server-version:1.7.1/bouncer, engine:pgbouncer)
Type "help" for help.

pgbouncer=# show version;
NOTICE:  pgbouncer version 1.7.1

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