26 Mar 2013

Christian Marriage Registration (Delhi, India)

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Documents required for Christian Marriage Registration
(a.k.a. Documents required for Solemnization and Registration of Marriages under Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872)

Workflow to get your Christian Marriage
Registered with the Delhi Government

  • Who: Mr. Kom (Joint Registrar, Christian Marriage Act)
    • He doesn't do Special Marriage Act. etc. He is the *ONLY* person authorized for marriages solemnized in Delhi. One user commented him to be a very down to earth / humble / helpful person, however, as with all Marriage Registrars, he is very particular about Documentation / Process.
  • Where:  ITO, Sales Tax office , 4th floor, A.C.P. office. (Sometimes rooms change, please confirm room at reception first)
    • This address is correct as of ~December 25th 2016. 
  • Fee
    • Rs. 200/- If requesting Registration within 1 month of Marriage
    • Rs. 700/- If requesting Registration after 1 month of Marriage
    • Rs. 1500/- If requesting Tatkal Marriage Registration
  • When: Take an appointment
    • Please read comments (Paul and Mona) below to know the phone number, or you can approach the venue and take an appointment.
  • Documentation: (Carry originals. Recommended to carry a photocopy) 
    • Pastor License
      • Mandatory
    • Pastor Letter (on Church Letterhead)
      • Generally asked if marriage took place outside Delhi
    • Photographs
      • 6-8 Individual Passport size each
      • Joint-photographs of Husband / Wife
      • Marriage Pictures / Wedding Invitation Card if possible
    • Delhi based Identification Proofs (PAN / Aadhaar / etc.)
    • 2 witnesses and two ID proofs (aadhaar / pan) for each witness
      • Collect witness application form from concerned office
    • Affidavit for each Witness (stating they were present at the wedding)
      • Required only if the 2 Witness (required during Marriage Registration) are *not* the same 2 Witnesses that signed in the Church Marriage Certificate
    • Other documents
      • If one (of those getting married) comes from a different religion
        • Carry a Church Baptized Certificate
      • If one is a Foreign National
        • A No-Objection certificate from the Embassy (of the foreign national) in India
      • If one is a Divorcee
        • A copy of divorce papers 

Back in 2013, I ran around a bit to get my Church Marriage registered as per the Indian Legal System. Given below are the steps required, and my inputs that'd make this slightly easier for those trying to get their Church marriages a legal stamp.

I note this down solely because my father had a harrowing time, running around for quite a bit, before he even understood what the whole process is. 

First no one wanted to tell us where the blessed office was, then no one wanted to tell who was the person concerned and then no one knew how it all had to be done. 

To make matters worse, asking a lawyer was a bigger problem with each one of them pointing to the 'Hindu Marriage Act'. When confronted with obvious fact that this wasn't a Hindu marriage... they flatly started asking anything from 10k to 20k to get it 'done' but not one of them wanted to tell what the procedure was.

I must thank dad for all the running around to find the said steps and allow us to get our marriage registered.


  • This document is for getting a church wedding (i.e. those couples who are already married) to get their marriage registered under the Christian Marriage Act 1872.
  • No Agents / Touts required.
    • As a generous commenter has posted below, go to Touts at your own risk! They charge in tens of thousands of rupees, waste your time and still don't know what to do! 
  • Generally the Registrar seems to be serving multiple (Govt) profiles, and is quite busy.
    • As of July 2016, the current Christian Marriage Registrar is Mr. M.T. Kom. He is a Joint Registrar. (Big thanks to Nayan J. Das & Mona for providing this info!)
    • In the same light, it helps if you are able to take an appointment before going. Sometimes Registrars are 'officially' available only on select days of the week (not every day) and sometimes available only between given hours (for e.g. 11 AM-1 PM).
  • It obviously helps if you go with some patience. This is a government office and you probably already know how most Indian offices work. If you're lucky your patience wouldn't be tested, but then your mileage may vary!
  • One person (who commented below) found out the hard way that it is *essential* that BOTH husband / wife be present during Registration.(Big thanks to Kanika for providing this info and so many other things in this post)

Now download PDF of the entire Process of
Registering your Christian Marriage with Delhi Government.


Reginald Miranda said...

Hi Robins - thank you for this, very informative and helpful.
Can you also please advise if you got a certificate straight away or if you had to wait for something in the post or an appearance at a later date?

Robins Tharakan said...

No time at all! The time it takes is the time it takes for his assistant to type the letter. That's it!

If you have all the valid documents, the registrar signs the document before he starts attending to the next person.

Rachel Hemraj said...

Hi Robin, Thanx a lot ..that info is really helpful...
can you also please advise if we need the marriage licence of the pastor who solemnised our marriage also????

Reginald Miranda said...

Hey Robins - wanted to drop back here and give you big thanks. It took up my entire day yesterday but in the end it was worth it.

Just for anyone else reading this (Rachel and everyone else who follows), you may want to have your Adhaar card or the enrollment number ready as well. I was advised to keep this handy on the phone when I spoke to Mr Bara, but he didn't insist on it when we met him. Still - better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it.
Oh - and I got a lecture that I should go to church more often - so be sure you know your parish priest to keep up with the small talk!

Rachel Hemraj said...

thanks dear ....thanks a lot for the info

Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks Reginald. Great to hear that things worked out well at the end of the day. And appreciate the info update, I'll update the article accordingly.

Rachel, I am not sure if the pastor's certificate is required. See the Registrar needs to be sure that the pastor is not a fake. If you know the pastor of a given parish, that's a first level check that he generally should be ok with. (Actually the question Reginald mentioned about going to Church is linked. I was asked the same question that I knew the 'happenings' of the church and so I wasn't given 'the lecture' :D ).

All the best :).

SF said...

Hi Robins!

Thanks a lot for your blogpost -- it is indeed very helpful!

Have a quick question which may be a little lame -- excuse me for my ignorance -- does the certificate state the wedding date as the wedding day in the church (based on the Parish Priest's letter)or does it state the wedding date as the date the Registrar registers your marriage under the Christian Marriage Act?

Thanks again for this blogspot!


Robins Tharakan said...

Supriya, the marriage certificate just confirms that the marriage that took place earlier in Church on the date (as confirmed by Parish priest via a written letter on the Parish letter-head) is legal and registered as a government document.

Putting it another terms, the ONLY date in the entire process is the date when you got married in Church. There is no second marriage date.

GipsyCat said...

Hi Robin,

I just stumbled upon your blog while i was trying to figure out a way to get my marriage registered. Thank you for this informative post. I just wanted to know from where you got the affidavits made.

Robins Tharakan said...

Oh we had the same problem. We were told that we'd require them at 11 am (when the Registrar was still on his way to office). We went right away to the Tis-Hazari Courts not very far from the Registrar office (2-3 km) and got it made and came back the same day (1-2 hours) to get the Registration done. Although I am not sure, but I'd recommend both husband / wife be present for affidavits, if possible.

Mr. Rao said...

Can anyone help me? want to know who the current Christian Marriage Registrar in place of Mr. Peter Bara.

I would really appreciate if you give me his Name and Number.

N P.PHILIP said...

I went to Vikas Sadan-2,They told me Mr.Peter Bara is retired and nobody was there to help us. What should I do..

sneha sharon mammen said...

Thanks a tonne, Robin! This was very useful!

Sneha Sharon John

Nayan J. Das said...

hi , Mr. Peter Bara has retired . so now a days Mr. M.T. Kom (ADM), WEST DELHI DISTRICT MEGISTRATE OFFICE,near Rampura, is the incharge for christian marriage registration. nearest metro stations are Ashok Park Main and Keshav puram. contact no. 01127394541.
praise the Lord
Nayan J. Das

Semper Fidelis :) said...

This is very helpful.

Robins Tharakan said...

Fantastic work Nayan! Thanks for the updated information on the Registrar along with Phone / Location related details.

This would certainly make things much easier for new visitors. I have updated the article with the new Registrar details accordingly.

Robins Tharakan said...

Also, Mr. Rao, Sneha, Semper & Philip... hope you were able to make use of the updated Registrar details therein.

Let us know in case of any issues.

Nayan J. Das said...

hi Robins kindly update the following info. as well.

one has to collect an application form from the concerned office in which the details of witness has to be mentioned.

sankar das said...

Hi! Just got my marriage in Bangalore registered yesterday.

Before I forget...some points to note:-

Regn is done for Christians in Delhi only at the Office of District Magistrate (W).."Old Middle School, Rampura"...close to Lawrence Road.

Documents... self attested copies reqd are:-

Self attested copy of Marriage Certificate from church.

A certificate from any church in Delhi on their letter head stating husband and wife's name( along with their respective fathers name...S/o, D/O)and that they are Christians.The letter must further mention the date of marriage as also the name of the church and location where the marriage was solemnized. Besides this the name of the priest/pastor who conducted the marriage must also be mentioned. Original copy to be submitted. All details already in the marriage certificate.....no need really but this is Indian bureaucracy at its best.

Copies of Adhar card, PAN card, birth certificate/ 10th standard certificate for DOB, Address proof in Delhi....passport/voter ID card etc. Give all should you have them....ease the pain.

Two photographs of each along with a wedding photograph on an A4 paper...self attested and has to be signed by the witness too.

Fill in the form available in their office...one photograph of each reqd for that too.

Notarized affidavit from both. Can be readily done next to that office.Contact Shankar...9990086739...charges Rs 140/- for both ie Rs 70 each.

Rs 200 as fee for the cert which is reqd when they hand over the marriage cert. Two more...(one each) photographs are reqd to be pasted in their register while collecting the Marriage Cert.

During the first visit hand over all documents and then they will give a date which could be as early as the next day.

Witness must be available during the day of collection with self attested copy of Address proof, Adhar card and PAN card....originals also to be carried.

If all goes well it will require two visits to that office and you will be done with it.

All the best

Manish said...

hi guys my name is Manish and i am looking to register my marriage asap, just wants to inquire as i am not delhi residence and marriage was took place in UP, can i get my marriage register in delhi ? As getting a marriage certificate from up means atleast 1 month of processing time under christian marriage act 1954

Cyclone said...

Hi Everyone,

I'll be getting married in Nov '14 and wanted to check out the legal procedure of registration and all. This blog has been of great help, but can anyone help wether Aadhar card is necessary or not. As I havn't got one yet.

Robins Tharakan said...


In most probability, this shouldn't be an issue. Aadhaar card is a big help but I am pretty sure that after the recent Supreme Court ruling (that Aadhaar card cannot be a must for essential services) this document would not be a mandatory for Marriage Registration.

You should without fail, carry at least one good Photo-ID proof (Driver's license / PAN / Passport etc.) that validates your photograph and name.

Rest, all the best and Congrats for the big step forward :) !

Cyclone said...

K, thanks Robin.

Ruth C said...

I had my marriage registered there on the 20th Oct. They did ask for aadhaar card. At least one spouse must have proof of residency in Delhi. And two witnesses with PAN,Passport, Voter ID/Aadhaar is needed.

Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks Ruth... Real-world inputs are always more welcome than guesstimates...

rinip said...

Hi All, I got married in Indirapuram (Ghaziabad) Church 1.5 years back. I had a recent awakening to get my marriage registered. Please suggest, if I fall under the 'WEST DELHI DISTRICT MAGISTRATE OFFICE'category. Both my husband and I (before n after marriage) are based out of Ghaziabad.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Rinip,

Firstly, we 'awoke' a few years after our Church wedding and I think its perfectly fine. I know people who got married 7-8 years back and still haven't got their marriage registered (probably because it's far lower on their to-do list).

So wanting to register now is perfectly fine.

As far as the Region is concerned, I am sure if there is an 'East Delhi DM' office, that'd be closer, but the more vital doubt that arises is that Ghaziabad may fall under a UP state DM office and therefore you may want to try out there first. Probably a search for UP's DM on the web would be the first recommendation.

Do let us know, in case you are able to solve the jigsaw :) ! All the best.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Joji Abraham,

Regarding your experience about Lawyers recommending 'Special Marriages Act' for Christian Marriage Registration....

We had a similar experience with about 4 Lawyers we spoke with, who had *no idea* how to get this done. They blindly said 'Special Marriage Act' probably because they just wanted a case in hand... and by their language ... we were certain that at least 2 of them didn't themselves know what was to be done themselves...

Please research sufficiently before wasting time & time ... Christian marriages should be registered under Christian Marriages Act and you should request advise only from people who don't have anything to benefit from it.

Philip Morris said...

Hi Robins- I am a foreign national married to Indian wife in South Delhi,Lajpat Nagar-4, do i have to go same office or DM office in south delhi.
Pls what documents should i carry along...
Thanks for your help in advance.

Ruth C said...

Hi Philip, you have to go to the same office. The only additional document you will need to submit, apart from those listed by Robin and others, is a No Objection Certificate from your Embassy in Delhi, to your marriage. My husband is also a foreign national and we got our marriage certificate from here last month.Please carry all documents in original as well. The Marriage Registrar may check all or some of it in original.Good luck!!

PS: Divorcees have to submit a copy of the divorce papers too.

Robins Tharakan said...

Awesome work! Thanks a ton Ruth!

And Phillips, feel free to share your experience as well... Just makes the next person's job so much more easier.

Philip Morris said...

Thanks Ruth and Robin for ur helpful contributions, I have some little prob, I already overstayed my Visa, so i apply for exit permit already,.. Will this be an issues at the time of marriage registration and also do i need house agreement or my wife's mother rent agreement? We living together now in my rented apartment so which rent agrement will be better?
Pls suggest me a plan.

Ruth C said...

Hi Philip, either yours or wife's rent agreement should do for your proof of residence in Delhi. Wife's mother's -- am not so sure. If you have a rent agreement in your name, I suggest you submit that. For overstay - I don't think that'll be a problem. They did not ask anything about my husband's visa. They only needed the front page of his passport for proof of identity, age etc. You may take with you the application/acknowledgement you may have received from FRRO for your exit visa, just in case any question is asked.

Ruth C said...

Some people may advise to go to the local DM office of your area of residence, but for marriages under the Christian Marriage Act, this office is the ONLY ONE for the whole of Delhi, no matter where in Delhi you may be residing.... Making this point because I doubted it myself and clarified. it with the ADM/Registrar himself while getting our certificate.

Philip Morris said...

Thank you for your wonderful help,it's a relief for me and my wife now. ..plz like a read before. Do I need a witness ? Some say yes and No..i just want to be clear about everything before proceeding to the office.

Ruth C said...

Yes, Philip. You'll need two witnesses with their identity proof and proof of residency in Delhi ( their aadhaar card with a Delhi address serves the purpose). My two witnesses used their passport and aadhaar card.

Philip Morris said...

Great, Can my withnesses be bride mother and uncle? Or just friends?

Ruth C said...

Your mother-in-law and the uncle would do just fine.

Jose Augustine said...

Dear Robins Tharakan,

Thanks for the route map with lights thrown in. If it is not a bother, can you guide:

1) My son is to wed a Chinese citizen under the Christian marriages act in India. Other than
the documents you had mentioned,
what all steps/documents are involved for registering the marriage with the ADM, DELHI ?

Will it make any difference if the marriage certificate is issued by a Church located outside the Delhi jurisdiction.
(My son's civil jurisdiction comes
under Delhi while we plan to hold marriage in a Kerala Church).

best wishes,


Rahul Kumar said...

Hello thank you very much for the blog. Can you please advise what all document works as DOB proof, as I don't have 10th Certificate.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Rahul,

In case you do not possess a Class tenth certificate, you may want to carry one or more of the following:

- Passport
- School Leaving Certificate (Only if born before 1989)
- Muncipal Birth Certificate (Only if born before 1989)

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Jose,

I believe the comments by-and-large take care of most of your request, however regarding your particular question:

Since you otherwise are a resident of Delhi (which is a requirement), I don't see that the Church being outside Delhi to be an issue. However, since at times you do encounter a personnel who may claim to be 'unaware' of some remote Church in Kerala, I believe it'd be wise to go to that Church's Delhi branch and a get No-Objection Certificate affirming that the Kerala Church is a part of their group of Churches in India.

For e.g. a close relative of mine (who was from the Syro-Malabar Church) and had to go to their Delhi branch (in Rajendra Nagar) to get a No-Objection for his wedding to be conducted in Kerala. (So basically, I am suggesting that as a fail-safe, it wouldn't hurt to have a similar document, but addressing anyone in Delhi affirming that the Kerala church is a part of their Network. That way, Administration officials can confirm a local Church body (in Delhi) to be accountable for a non-Delhi Church wedding.

To summarize:

Good-to-haves, just in case if asked:
- Marriage Invitation Card, if possible
- A No-Objection certificate from the same Church's Delhi branch affirming that the Kerala Church is a part of their Church network, if possible.

As Ruth mentioned earlier,
- Aadhaar is (seemingly) a must nowadays.
- At least one spouse must have a proof of Residence of Delhi.
- Two witnesses, each with PAN / Passport / Aadhaar.
- A No-Objection certificate from the Chinese Embassy in Delhi, for the Chinese National.

Hope this helps, and all the best :) !

Jose Augustine said...

Hi Robins,

Thanks for your prompt reply.
We are from the Syro-Malabar Church and your tip on verification/authentication at Rajinder Nagar is very useful.
(I reside in Rajinder Nagar).

That takes care of all my doubts.
God bless you; you are generous enough to show others the route map you learned the hard way.


Robins Tharakan said...

:) Thanks Jose.

A large bit of my 'running around' was done by my father, so you could consider this only as my way of saying thanks to him :).

Once you're through with the process, do let us all know, if you have an experience that you'd like to share here.

Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Thanks for providing valuable information.can some body post how the certificate looks.Is it valid for US Visa purpose.

Thank you

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Kiran,

Irrespective of how the document looks (it looks like a regular A4 sized govt document with circular seal and sign by signatory), it still is a government approved document certifying that two people are legally married and if any Visa formalities require any such marriage registration certificate, this document is what you would need.

jimmy parasar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Garihma Sing said...

I have a question and it seems it could be answered here. I am a Christian girl and going to marry Hindu guy, who has deep respect for Christianity but conversion is not his choice! I am going to marry him under special act in court but I want to perform Christian ritual, where we both can take vows I completely understand it can not be done in church. But is there something called pastoral marriage. Can we perform it at some place. Can you suggest pastors whom I can contact.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Garihma,

Honestly, I doubt I would know better, since the question isn't about Marriage Registration, but about pastoral / Church related.

Although most such weddings that I have known of involved conversion, and thereby celebrated at Church as a normal wedding, but you may want to investigate if a Church mandating both to be Christians is more a regional convention, and not a 'rule' per say.

By that, what I mean is that its possible that Metropolitan and urban areas frequently have such requirements, and as such Churches are nowadays okay with Church weddings, without one of them being a Christian (They may mandate a Registered marriage before-hand, to weed out the 'Conversion' propaganda by some extremists. So in that light mandating registered marriage before-hand is understandable).

But I admit, that may be purely luck based, depending on which is your church, which pastor is there and what is his openness to such ideas, etc..

Besides that, I am sorry but I can't point to any pastor / Church for such a purpose.

Anonymous said...

Dear Robin,
I need your help now. I am a Hindu and I got married to a Christian in a Church.The Priest/Paster has provided a Marriage Certificate from the Church.
Now we are planning for Divorce.
I have not done any Registry marriage by going to court with the church certificate neither have converted to Christian.
So all I wanted to know is, Will my marriage be considered to be a registry marriage or is Null.
Please let me know..


Anonymous said...

Garihma Sing,

You can marry in a church where the pastor/Father would agree for such marriage where a Hindu Boy need not have to convert or accept Baptism.I will let you know the place where I got married properly but to my luck I am not at all happy in my life.my id is iamsarkar1978 at gmail dot com..

Robins Tharakan said...


Irrespective of whether you get your marriage registered or not, a church wedding still is a wedding in India (just like in any other wedding in any religion's temple of God).

Putting in other words, all that is missing is the registration of the marriage with a Government official (that a marriage has happened). But this doesn't mean the marriage itself is null-and-void, it just means that its not certified yet.

Taking an example, if Ram's son's Birth Registration certificate is pending because he hasn't registered his son with the Registrar of Birth (& Death), doesn't mean the son doesn't exist. It just means that the Son is awaiting registration by a Govt. official.

But again, I am not a legal expert and taking the counsel of a legal expert in such grave matters would be strongly advised.

karuna kristjanson said...

i was married in New Delhi in 1976 to a Canadian and now I need an attested certified copy of the Marriage Certificate by the Marriage Registrar to get pension benefit in USA. Any ideas on how to go about it? I have a copy that needs to be certified by the Registrar. Should I go to the address you provided? Would they keep an old record?

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Karuna,

A few things, let us know if any inference is wrong here:

- The details herein (blog + comments) were true at least till sometime back and as yet are the latest known (if you know better, please feel free to update us).

- Are you sure the Marriage Registrar certifying it would be sufficient? The reason I ask is that some people have mentioned that this (also) needs to be run through the appropriate country's embassy here in India. (For e.g. are you sure that some pension agency in US would agree to some Indian Govt. official certifying the marriage? If so that's okay, but just cross-confirming for your reference). You may want to double check that before getting turned down by the pension agency in US, and running around twice.

- Just rephrasing, but if by 'copy of Marriage Certificate in New Delhi' you mean a Marriage Certificate from a Delhi Church, I think you could be assured that Churches keep their records pretty intact for a few decades... Unless unluckily the church concerned has been vandalized / burnt down since then (http://www.hindustantimes.com/india-news/dilshad-garden-church-goes-up-in-flames-arson-alleged/article1-1292272.aspx).

- The reason I mentioned Church in the above point is because, by default, Church marriage details don't get sent to the Christian Marriage Registrar, so the Marriage Registrar would anyway neither know about your existence, nor would he know about your marriage.

All the best, and let us know if you find something that may help others.

Christabel John said...

Hi Robin,
Your blog is indeed very helpful. I have recently got married in a Catholic church, to a british national. I needed to know what docs will we require for him. All we have is his passport and an English Lawyers letter stating he is unmarried and church's marriage certi

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Christabel,

I believe Ruth's 2 comments above was of good help in giving ideas about what is required in your case.

I'll summarize, once again:

Good-to-haves: (keep just in case if asked)
- Marriage Invitation Card, if possible

- Aadhaar is (seemingly) a must nowadays.
- At least one spouse must have a proof of Residence of Delhi.
- Two witnesses, each with PAN / Passport / Aadhaar.
- A No-Objection certificate from the British Embassy in Delhi, for the British National.

All the best... and if possible, please do post your experience for other people.


Sharaz Kerr said...

thanks for details, however my concern is regarding the pastor's Licence, my wedding was blessed at RK Puram Catholic church in 2009 and now when I got to father, he is giving me church letter and marriage certificate but not ready to give Pastor's licence copy.

Can anyone please share your inputs on this as to how I can proceed.

Robins Tharakan said...

Sharaz: Why do you need a Pastor's license?

Never in my experience (whether for marriage or for any other college admission etc. related matters) has anyone asked me to verify a Pastor. From my understanding the Church as an Institution is supporting your claim that you got married at Church and presence of the same pastor or he validating himself as a Pastor (with a license) is generally not required.

(Likewise, none of the viewers above have ever mentioned that the Registrar asked for the Pastor's license.)

Lastly, I have personally gone to collect some of my own documents from the R.K. Puram parish and never received a Pastor's license or anything certifying the Pastor who performed the Sacrament.

So if you ask me, the Church ONLY gives a marriage / baptism etc.. letter. To clarify, you NOT getting a Pastor's license is not surprising.

Ruth C said...

Robin, when we went for our registration, they did ask for the Pastor's License and we submitted it. It really should not be needed; but I think this has been introduced recently to avoid fake certificates supposedly from a Church/Pastor. Who knows - maybe a racket was busted!!! When we had gone there, there was a man who offered his services to be a witness(on payment of course). We didn't need him since our real witnesses were present; but another couple used him and he was introduced as the groom's friend. Lol

Ruth C said...

Sharaz, I guess you can try to convince the Father to give you a copy of the Pastor's License or the Marriage Registrar to accept the Church's letter. Good luck !!!!

Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks a ton Ruth!!

Shahraz... obviously I stand corrected. Since the Pastor's certificate is required, probably convincing the Pastor a little is required, moreso because this seems like a recent change in the way things are done, and some Pastor's may not know / may feel challenged and thus may not agree with such a request.

Nonetheless, since this is a new document required (which puts the Pastor on the back-foot) its possible that this process become one-bit more difficult, but going down the line, things may get smoothened when all Christian Institutions reach a settlement as to how to deal with this documentation reques.

SAJU.K. CHACKO said...

Hi Sir,
I need to know as now Aadhaar card is not valid we can submit other docs I place of Aadhaar card like voter ID.....as I went last year for marriage certificate they told me Aadhaar card us mandatory and my wife don't hav Aadhaar card......as per court order now Aadhaar card is not mandatory should I require Aadhaar card for my wife.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Saju,

Firstly, to clarify, the invalidation of Aadhaar as a 'mandatory' document requirement by the Courts is not new. The recent judgement is only a repetition of previous judgements that have clearly stated that as of the current definition, Aadhaar in its current from 'Cannot be made mandatory'.

Now that we know that the judgement is not new, this means that Aadhaar although officially is not mandatory, most people nowadays are finding it convenient to provide just this as a document.

Ideally, you're correct that the Registrar shouldn't 'mandate' this document, but it has been seen that this is generally the case.

Most people fear going against the Registrar and so don't question this documentation requirement.

To answer your question, since Aadhaar serves as an Identification document, any other recent Identification document (Passport / Drivers License / PAN card etc.) should ideally serve as an alternate, and should suffice the need in such a case.

As always, please do let us know how your experience was. Thanks !

Christabel John said...

Hi i am unable to get in fontact with Mr Kom. Does anyone knw about his updated details

Swati said...

Hi Robins,

My husband stays in Ghaziabad and after checking with the registrar office they gave us a form which was in Hindi and it says Hindu marriage act.
Now after reading your blog we are planning to go there again but i just have one question that in address proof can i give my hometown address as i was staying in a rented house before marriage.


Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Christabel,

(Apologies for this delay). Its possible that the Registrar has changed (again).

In case I have any update (or in case someone posts it here), I would certainly post it here in comments for all.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Swati,

Regarding your query, it seems to me that you were misdirected at the Marriage Registrar office.

As mentioned in the Blog-Post above, most people "don't know" that marriages in India are done in Acts other than the most-common Hindu Marriage Act. For e.g. for Christians this is the Christian Marriage Act 1872.


If you ask from someone who only knows about Hindu Marriage Act, (s)he would know only so much and therefore advice wrongly.

As for your address proof, I think any valid address-proof would suffice, and arguably I think a permanent address is obviously better suited. Again, the recency of the document should be kept in mind.

All the best, and do let the blog know in case of any updates that you are able to get from your experience.

Swati said...

Sure Thanks a lot Robins.

Swati :-)

Swati said...

Hi Robins i just saw a news that marriage registration will be online from next month so do you have any idea about that.


deepanjali b Cornelius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Robins Tharakan said...

To answer a question as to whether its possible to Register a Christian Marriage in Delhi, where the (Indian) Girl is from Lucknow and the (Foreign National) Boy is also not a local, I believe there is a good chance that the Delhi Christian Marriage Registrar may request that the couple approach the Lucknow region Marriage Registrar for the same.

This primarily for the reason that it may be difficult for one region's Marriage Registrar to vet a Church's marriage certificate (that the couple produces) of another region, since (s)he may have no awareness of its validity. In that respect, the Lucknow region Marriage Registrar would have a better chance of knowing such a Church / Priest.

As always, please do inform this thread if you have any information about such an arrangement. Thanks !

Anonymous said...

Hi Robins,

Your blog has been a great help in understanding how to get your marriage registered in India. I will have to run around these Govt departments next month. I will hopefully keep this blog posted as to how it all went.

Thanks once again!



Ajay Kuma said...

Just wanted to know the exact procedure as to :
How 2 Hindu boy-n-girl ( cross-cousins ) get converted to Christianity
& then Marry as per the "Indian Christian Marriage Act 1872".

Ned help urgently

JIJO jose said...

hi can anyone tell me if thr is a fine if i register my marriage after 10 months ?

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Jijo,

To clarify, no there is no 'Fine' for delayed Marriage Registration. I am sure many people get their marriage registered years after they get married (in fact we too got the marriage registered after one or two years, I think).

- No fees (during process)
- No Fine / Penalty in delayed registration
- Purely voluntary (as far as I know, legally, this is not yet a mandatory process)

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Ajay,

I think your requirement isn't a very simple one, primarily because it looks like you're trying to convert to another religion for the convenience of marriage, which obviously isn't a good idea.

If this is not so, I would strongly recommend that you reach out to a local parish (church) and speak to the priest who could better help you with the first requirement (become a Christian). Much after that should you seriously consider getting married in a Church.

victoria kumar said...

Hi Robbins

I havent got married yet and my wedding will be solemnized in December at Ambala Haryana.
Can i still get my marriage registration?

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Victoria,

My obvious answer to your question is ... Why not? Everyone should be able to (And should ideally get their marriage registered).

Is there a problem that you foresee in getting it registered? I think the first think you should try is to find the reference of the local Christian Marriage Registrar (mind you not a regular Marriage Registrar) of your area, and call up to check what documentation is required.

Do let us know if you have anything new to share here!

All the best :)

Rachel Hemraj said...

Thanks Robin and everyone for all your inputs and updates...Tried getting my marriage registered earlier in 2013 at civil lines office but was refused saying the concerned person was only authorised to register the marriages of some specific diocese/churches and unfortunately ours church was not in his list.

But this time after reading all the comments posted above I feel that I will be successful this time in getting it registered..have collected the form and praying that things work in the right direction this time...

will definitely share my experience ...

Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks Rachel for committing to share your experience.

As with other contributors, your experience would certainly help others as well.

Rachel Hemraj said...

Hello everyone,

I have a confusion..can anyone pl tell if we require 2 witness/ only one...As on the reverse of the form there is a column for signature of witness..But i read in the above posts that 2 witnesses are required...can anyone please through light on this...Also if 2 witness are required can my uncle an aunt ( husband and wife) can sign for witness...


Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Rachel,

As Sayan mentioned, at times rules aren't exactly what happens on the ground. So although the form may say 1 witness required, different people have witnessed different things. We required no witness, Nayan (above) required one, and Ruth required two.

So I would recommend you take two witness (With ID proof etc. as Ruth mentioned above) and hope that it works without multiple trips.

For your second query, I think your uncle / aunty should qualify as witnesses, since they aren't immediate blood relations (not siblings / parents).

All the best.

Samson okunade said...

Hi Robin.

Im a Nigerian, just solemnized my marriage with my wife (Indian), by the pastor of our church. But we have been trying to find a way register our matriage, all the advocate we called were just saying diiferrent story. As my visa is just a week to expire now. I'm seriously worried about, bcos the FRRO may not accept the church marriage certificate as many have been telling me. Pls kindly help me where to go to. Your reply is highly needed and awaited pls. My contact number is 09871019925 and my name is Samson.Thanks for your assistance.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Samson,

First, it would help if you could read the comments from the people above, especially Ruth's comments about marrying a foreign national may help.

In short, looks like you have very less time to get the documentation done, however, for a summary, looks like the following (in-exhaustive) summary may help:

Good-to-haves: (keep just in case if asked)
- Marriage Invitation Card, if possible

- Aadhaar is (seemingly) a must nowadays your spouse (Indian).
- At least one spouse must have a proof of Residence of Delhi.
- Two witnesses, each with PAN / Passport / Aadhaar.
- A No-Objection certificate from your Embassy in India (the Foreign National).

All the best and do post your experience if possible.

Samson okunade said...

Hi Robin.

Thanks for your quick reply, I have assemble all documents I need to from my own side of it. I have called the telephone number provided 01127394541 just know if the registrar will be available tomorrow 21st Nov. 2015, and if the address provided is still valid or changed. However, I sincerely appreciate your immense contributions and assistance provided. May God bless you and your family with abundant of good health and prosperity

Samson okunade said...

Hi Robin.

Thanks for your quick reply, I have assemble all documents I need to from my own side of it. I have called the telephone number provided 01127394541 just know if the registrar will be available tomorrow 21st Nov. 2015, and if the address provided is still valid or changed. However, I sincerely appreciate your immense contributions and assistance provided. May God bless you and your family with abundant of good health and prosperity

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Samson,

As you probably already know, I have a hunch that it may take more than a phone call to schedule a visit.

I believe so for two reasons.

Firstly, the way Indian Central Government deputation system works, such a senior post (Marriage Registrar) is generally given to a person nearing retirement (very senior in designation) and at the maximum for a period of 3 years.

Secondly, this is probably a low volume job in India (see its still not mandatory for the average national to get your marriage registered with the government) and so this work is almost always a second priority to another profile, both going simultaneously (so effectively she / he may be a Horticulture department head... along with a Christian Marriage Registrar). Hope you see the pattern here..

So in good chances, its possible that the Registrar has changed (and probably even the office location / office phone number) since the last mention here.

Again, please do post any findings / new references if you find any.

Samson okunade said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Samson okunade said...

Hi Robin.

I' m very grateful for your vital information provided concerning Christian marriage registration in Delhi. I got my marriage registered yesterday 24th Nov.2015 at room 2 marriage registry office, pitampura. I went there on Friday to book appointment against 24-11-15. Having assembled all my documents as a foreigners ( passport copy, NOC letter from my country's embassy here in Delhi, rent agreement,residential proof from my country home.) And my wife with adhaar card/ voters card, pan card seems compulsory now for locals including the two witnesses, marriage certificate from registered church, copy of the licence from the priest. Photograph of marriage ceremony. Once all these documents are available and genuine. Be sure the marriage will be registered same day. This is my experience,

Thank you Robin

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Samson,

That is some really great news !!

Appreciate you getting back and confirming your experience on this post. Humbly request if you could give the phone and / or complete address of the Marriage Registrar Office (in Pitampura) it would really help future readers, so that they wouldn't have to hunt for the office during their registration process.

Once again, thanks for confirming that the documentation was adequate and that too for a complicated process such as yours... and obviously thanks to other people such as Ruth et.al. who contributed to create this repository of steps.


Adar Consultancy said...
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Gemini P said...

Hi Robin,

I was searching the net on how to get my marriage registered in Delhi and came across your blog. Firstly, thanks to you (and your dad) for such detailed info.

I have a couple of questions and i hope you would be able to answer.

1. I was a member of the Cathlic Church in Gurgaon (Kanehi) before my marriage and husband was a mem ber of the Catholic Church in Okhala in Delhi. Marriage took place in Trivandrum Kerala in 2007. Since then both are living in Delhi.

Marriage was solemenised by the Archbishop of Trivandrum under Latin Rites. We have a marriage certificate and photos to prove this. Would we still need a letter from the the Kerala Church's branch in Delhi certifying that the church in Kerala is their branch? If yes were is the head office of the Latin Church in Delhi? I ask this because we just go to the St. Micheal's Prasad Nagar Church as it close to where we live (Rajender Nagar) - have not really bothered registering with Latin (to which husband belongs) or the Syro Malabar (to which I belong) churches in Delhi.

2. Is it mandatory to register the marriage under the Christian Marriage Act? Can we CHOOSE to register the marriage under the Special Marriage Act (for some personal reasons)? I notice that the Delhi govt portal only mentions the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act, 1954 (please see-


3. Do you know of anyone who has been able to register their marriage online successfully? Any tips would be appreciated.

4. Do people living in Rajender Nagar still have to go to Lawrence Road to register their marriage??

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Gemini,

Appreciate a point-wise query, so that I can respond accordingly. (Apologies for being unable to respond earlier, I generally respond within a day).

1a. Churches under the Latin rites (or Catholic Churches) are aplenty in Delhi, and probably you should start checking from the Sacred Heart Cathedral (Ashoka Road).

1b. I too am from the Syro Malabar rites, and am sure of the fact that (at least in 2003) the Delhi branch of the Syro Malabar rites was in Rajendra Nagar, Delhi. You should be able to get their number from their website. For my brother's wedding (not registration mind you, his wedding!), we had to do a few rounds of that office, and the then Fr. Vadkambadan was *very* supportive.

2a. Its crazy why the websites do not offer full details (of course I could be wrong here) but I am relatively sure that there *IS* a Christian Marriage act in the Indian Legal system and can't understand why some government websites still don't even mention them.... and as a corollary, we (when both bride/groom are Christians) shouldn't need to register under the Hindu Marriage Act or any other such Act.

2b. If you *choose* to get registered under the Special marriages act, I am not sure, but I am assuming that it may be possible, but again I have no precedence or experience in that.

3. Neither personally, nor here on this blog, do I know of anyone who has got this kind of registration done online. If you are able to, it would be a big help if you could mention more about it, for future readers.

As for most of the advice above, as a disclaimer I am not a lawyer, and you may want to consult one that is more aware of such a Law.

All the best


Unknown said...

Thanks Robins, This was really helpful and I got it registered in two days. A small update the office has been shifted to Britannia Chowk.Priest ordination certificate is mandatory.


Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks a ton for the complement Jonny!

Especially thanks for the confirming about the Pastor certificate.

The only pending uncertain is that the exact address of the current marriage registrar is still unclear. Besides that, Jonny's input would be extremely helpful for future visitors.


JIJO jose said...

Is thr a specific form which we have to fill and how long does the authority take to issue the certificate

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Jijo,

With all the documents, requirements in place, it should be an immediate process. However, to be on the safe side, recently Jonny (see comments above) has hinted at getting the documents within 2 days.

Let us know, if you have a different experience!


Elvina Pereira said...

Hi.. Would you happen to have any details on where & how to register a christian marriage in Mumbai.

Robins Tharakan said...

Sorry Elvina,

I wouldn't know much about the Registrar in Mumbai, although I am relatively sure that the documents / process should be common in most parts of the country (especially main metropolitans).

Do let us know, if you know more about the Registrar, or other details while getting your marriage registered.


simplysuperzee said...

Hi, I just want to ask Robins, what are the documents that Christian marriage act require from a foreign national? THanks!!

Robins Tharakan said...

Reviewing all the above comments, updating the document list, within which you should be able find documents required, if one of the two getting married are a Foreign National.

To summarize:

All of these may or may not be requested for (Please carry in original & photocopy):
- Marriage Invitation Card, if possible
- A No-Objection certificate from the same Church's Delhi branch affirming that the Kerala Church is a part of their Church network, if possible.
- Aadhaar is (seemingly) a must nowadays.
- At least one spouse must have a proof of Residence of Delhi (either yours or spouse's rent agreement should do for your proof of residence in Delhi)
- Two witnesses, each with (at least 2 of) PAN / Passport / Voter / Aadhaar. (Friends / Uncles / Aunts should be fine)
- A No-Objection certificate from the Embassy (of the foreign national) in India.
- Divorcees (if any) have to submit a copy of the divorce papers too
- Sometimes they ask for (Indian) Pastor's license and the Registrar sometimes does ask for it.

Paul and Mona said...

Hi all, this is Mona. I stumbled upon this blog and wanted to update you on the recent developments. Mr. Kom has been promoted from ADM to Joint Registrar. He is really a nice guy. Our entire process was completed in an hour. My husband Paul and I got married in 2009. We only had a church certificate. We are in the process of applying UK work visa. For this purpose, we wanted a Govt marriage certificate stamped by the Registrar. So we approached his office in Rampura and they mentioned that Mr. Kom has been promoted and sits at a new location. His new office address is Office of Registrar Cooperative Society, opposite YWCA, next to polica station, sansad marg, Parliament Street, CP. Most of the people in this office don't know him as he joined just 3 days ago. If I am not mistaken, his office room no is 27. His PA who actually makes the certificate, is also very efficient. The fees is 200 Rs. Mr. Kom is a very down to earth person, very humble and helpful. You need to take am appointment also. So we had to go twice. Once to write our appointment details in his register and second time to get the marriage certificate stamped. Mr Kom is very particular about documentation. Make sure you have affidavit, Delhi I'd proofs, pastors license copy, a letter from pastor, church certificate, marriage pics, I'd proofs, 2 witnesses and their 2 I'd proof- voter and Adhar card or bank statement- just the first page. If you come from a different religion and was baptised then a baptized certificate I come from a Punjabi background. Was baptized and had a certificate. Without proper documentation, Mr.Kom will not sign the marriage certificate. He is also very friendly and specifically asked to spread the word about his new location. By the way, being a marriage registrar is his additional responsibility apart from being a Joint Registrar. Since Delhi Govt didn't have any Christian civil servant, they asked Mr. Kom to perform this and he performs his duty gracefully. I have his mobile no too as we had to coordinate a lot. I will not share on a public forum. If anyone is in urgent need, you can contact me at monajuneja12@Gmail.com and I will give his mobile no. Hope this info helps.

Paul and Mona said...

Also, Mr.Kom is only authorised under Indian Christian Act. He doesn't do Special Marriage Act. He is the only one in Delhi authorised to be a Registrar for marriages solemnized in Delhi. You can get the affidavit done easily for both husband and wife. There is a lane opposite his office where they make affidavit. We had to give 240 Rs for 2 affidavits. Mr. Kom joined his new office on June 20, 2016.

Robins Tharakan said...

Paul and Mona...

AWESOME !! + Thanks for that BIGgest comment and tons of information there!! In fact your comment clears the air on quite a few doubts that people have been asking and more importantly with the reference of the new person in-charge, this becomes so much more easier for new people to go get their Marriage Registrations done faster.

Once again BIG thanks, from me and from all the future readers of this post!!


Robins Tharakan said...

... and Mona,

It is quite understandable of you to *not* give his mobile number on a public forum like this (and give your Email address for people to ping you instead).

I too had the then Registrar's mobile number but I too honored his personal request of not sharing it with anyone.

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

What do you mean by Pastor letter? Please clarify.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Caleb,

As mentioned by 'Paul and Mona' above, at times the Registrar have been known to ask for a letter from Pastor (Church Priest) affirming that the marriage took place at his Church. This letter wasn't asked in my experience with the Registrar, and yes it does look unnecessary especially when a couple has the Church Marriage Certificate & Pastor Licence, but then as some people have mentioned in their comments, carrying all documents is generally helpful to wrap this up at the earliest.

Ravi John said...

Hello everyone,

I need an advise on marriage registration. I have marriage certificate from a Delhi Church, but the venue of marriage solemnization was in Ghaziabad. Pastor from Dehli church came to Solemnize it. I live in Ghaziabad.

Can I register my marriage in Delhi bcz I have delhi church marriage certificate ?
In Ghzaiabad there is no Christian Marriage Registrar.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thank you

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Ravi,

I have a good feeling that you should be able to get this Registered in Delhi.

My reason is that if a Delhi based Church (and Priest) are willing to certify that you got married on a given day with a given person, I think the Delhi Registrar should be okay with this. But again, that's my point of view.

If I were you (and since you say Ghaziabad doesn't have a Christian Marriage Registrar), my best bet would be to keep the whole 'Ghaziabad' story on a back-burner and go ahead with a Delhi Registration as if nothing happened. You should have ID proofs etc. of you / spouse / references and go through all the formalities. Unless the Registrar specifically points out that this is not possible because of Geographical boundaries, I think you should give it a try at least. At the very least when you are standing in front of the Registrar and he refuses, you can request if he can refer to who knows about one in your city / state.

Having said that, I am quite doubtful that UP doesn't have a Christian Marriage Registrar. Its possible that Ghaziabad doesn't, its a state and its possible that since rarely people get this registered the *only* Registrar sits in Allahabad / Lucknow / Kanpur or something but I really can't believe that one doesn't exist in the whole state! I think that'd be illegal on the State Government's part, because you need to have a way out (legally speaking).

All the best!

Ravi John said...

Hello Robin,

I have checked everywhere in Ghaziabad Tehsil and Collectorate, there is no where any Christian Marriage Registrar. In Ghaziabad District Tehsil there is Marriage Registrar office But they only register Hindu Marriages, They say for christian.. church marriage certificate is enough and valid everywhere. I don't agree with this bcz I need to apply for US visa and church certificate might not be considered legal enough.

Christian marriage registrar are available in other states Like Delhi and in south every state But Not in Ghaziabad tehsil. I don't know if there is any registrar in other cities tehsil of U.P like you mentioned Allahabad / Lucknow / Kanpur and if they will register a case from other tehsil. I have been running around for one and half year.

I am facing so much trouble and stress. I regret that I born in U.P :(

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Ravi,

I do completely agree that the Church Documentation may not be enough for International Purpose. For that Marriage Registration is mandatory.

I am still very optimistic that you should be able to register your marriage in UP. What I mean is that although Marriage Registrars may be broken down to Tehsils, that is probably because of high number of Hindu Registrations (which is understandable) but considering that the number of Christian Marriage Registrations is expected to be very low (in UP) its quite possible that the whole of UP has probably very few (in fact possibly only 1 Christian Marriage Registrar). If so, I would expect that such a guy is probably doubling up as another Government official and therefore sitting in a Metro town like Lucknow, Kanpur, Allahabad etc... which is why I was recommended these cities to you earlier.

This is going to be an uphill battle, but I think I would recommend that you try this thought and find a Christian Marriage Registrar anywhere in UP and call / meet to confirm this theory.

And don't forget to post things here, if you want to post your findings.

All the best!

Ravi John said...

Hi Robins,

I am still not able to find any christian marriage registrar in U.P. I have again checked with Sub-Registrars, ADM, SDM, Advocates. No one knows anything here. Even christian people say that our church marriage is already registered with the church and valid everywhere.

SDM office clerk said to register under special marriage act and the procedure is of 90 days. Its like a completely new marriage. This is ridiculous. I will not do that.

Anyone knows if the apostilled church marriage certificated would be accepted for US visa purpose.

Thank you!

Sydney Thyle said...

This is a very useful site and has been very helpful in gathering information.
Some questions though:
1. Is Mr. Kom's address still listed as Opp. YWCA?
2. For the 2 witnesses, do parents qualify?
3. My son is getting married in December 2016. Our residential address is in Faridabad while my daughter in law lives in Delhi (Mehrauli). The photo ID requires the address to be Delhi based. How do I resolve this?

Sydney Thyle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Sydney Thyle said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks Sydney.

To answer point-wise:

1. That address is correct as of June 2016. The updated address was sent by a visitor just like yourself, and I think its worth checking.

2. As my comment on 3rd November 2015 says, the witnesses should not be blood-relations (no siblings / parents).

3. This part could get complicated and I'd try to answer whatever I know, but obviously you'd have to consider what suits you best. My understanding is that marriages held in satellite towns (like faridabad, noida etc.) don't count as Delhi and so you should approach Delhi Registrar only if the marriage is held in Delhi. Having said that, if one of the people getting married and the marriage itself is in Delhi, I think you shouldn't have an issue with registering it in Delhi. (even if your son is not a resident of Delhi). I say this because, logically then, a Haryana Marriage Registrar could also refuse to register because your daughter-in-law is not from Haryana! ... I hope you get my point... and so I don't think Delhi Marriage Registrar's should object to registering this marriage in Delhi.

What I can say is that the above details regarding procedure + documentation + address details are correct as per the date mentioned.

Please do let us all know if you see any changes or if you are able to get any more information about getting your son's marriage registered in NCR.


Idahnell said...

I am a US citizen and my husband has lived in Ghaziabad, UP all his life. He has found that there is no Christian Marriage Registrar even though the act says one should be appointed. The New Delhi US Embassy says an apostille should work to validate the church certificate.

He has been told to register the marriage under the Special Marriage Act. This is unconstitutional on religious grounds and on legal grounds but we do not know whom to appeal to. No one knows anything.

Unknown said...

Hi, This is a helpful blog I have come across.we are doing an inter religion wedding in church for which my partner needs a baptised certificate from pastor.I did check with couple of churches for this letter but it takes minimum of 6 months to get that certificate that want him to attend classes every weekend.we wanted to get married by the end of Jan 2017,Is there any way we can get baptism certificate in two months.

kanika porter said...

A bog thanks to Mr Robins for this blog and every one for sharing and updating with the info .
I have a question , I'm getting married this 17th in Delhi my fiance works in Germany and is coming only for 25 days . how long does the process takes?

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Idanhell,

(Apologies for the delayed reply)

I can completely understand the frustration here, more so because this is not the first time someone from UP (Ghaziabad) has complained about this very thing.

There are obvious loopholes to an immature system and as I am speaking to a foreigner, obviously something I am not very proud of.

What I would recommend, sadly, is that each country has its own ways of doing things, which at times means keeping 'ideal solutions' at bay, just to get the ball rolling. Fighting the current has its benefits, but certainly draws on you, and probably screw your plans in the interim.

Long story short, you should look at getting this done via the Special Marriage Act, not because that's the way to go, but because of whichever reason you need it, you probably don't want to wait endlessly... and because that's how that part of the world is currently going about it. The best thing in your case is that you aren't essentially lying and just trying to do, what is best possible (required by the embassy).

Having said that, I would recommend (if not already done) filing an RTI request with (1) the Union Ministry of Home Affairs and (2) UP State - Home Ministry asking for the Christian Marriage Registrar (name / address etc.), which should ideally return with an answer within 30 days. If not, you can be morally confident that getting the marriage in another Act is by inability to do so via regular means.

FWIW, I personally know a couple who (both Christians), got their marriage registered under Special Marriage Act and they are doing just fine (after 4 yrs).

My 2 cents.


Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Kanika,

If you're asking for the time it takes from submitting the complete set of documents to the Registrar to receiving the Certificate, probably just an hour or two.

The caveat to that answer is that I have a good feeling that something or the other would go wrong (Registrar not there, forgot a document, the Witnesses can't be blood relations, etc...) and so you may have to go more than once.... Essentially this is a very less known Government Organization and effectively a one-man Army. If the guy is good, and wants to do the work in zip-zap you would walk out loving the guy for making it so easy... Sadly the opposite is also true.

Hint: Go with lots of patience, and give a dose of the same to all others involved.

All the best.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Unknown,

I can quite understand the requirement, and that at times one doesn't have the time / patience to attend classes, but the way (at least the Catholic) Church thinks is that people who are becoming Christians via a few months of such sessions, is by choice and not *for a certificate*, which sadly looks like what this case is. And since I have seen multiple Churches be very cautious / sensitive about this kind of 'Fast-Conversion', I can quite understand your experience to be quite expected.

I hope you do understand that this assumes importance when the current Government has been known to support organizations that openly look down upon such 'Conversions' and then the Church can't be blamed for being cautious (and rightly so) in trying to ensure that a person joining the community is joining in true sense, and with time / patience and not for namesake.

Apologies, if the answer above wasn't what you were expecting, but despite wanting to help here I don't know of a good way to get around this requirement of theirs. What I can do is tell you that if you are smart enough, you'd understand that the answer to your question lies in this response itself.

All the best!

Jindo Varghese said...

hi Robin
Mr Kom is traffered to ITO, Sales Tax office , 4th floor ACP office


Paul Jacob said...

Hi Robin,

My son is going to be get married next month in Delhi. We belongs to Syro Malabar rites. The bride is from Bangalore. My queries are:

a) after solemnization of marriage, within how many days the marriage to be registered with the Registrar?
b) The name of the present Registrar and the address.
c) what are the documents to be submitted? originals or photocopies.
d) Number of witnesses?

I would be very grateful if you would kindly provide these informations.

Thanks & regards,

Paul Jacob

Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks for that update!! This is going to help a lot of people who read this post hereon!

Mr. Paul,

- There is no defined days within which registration is mandatory. I registered a year after my wedding. If you read comments above, people have not registered for years, and then were able to register themselves.

- Registrar details are in the article above

- Document details are in the article above

- Number of witnesses is given in the article above

kanika porter said...

Hi. Happy new year. I have an urgent query.
Is it essential for both partners to be present at time of registration ?
My husband works abroad and is flying on 5th. I need certificate to apply for Visa. Through a source I came to know that Mr Kom is not in town and will cone in 2 nd week.
Could you please help me with the office address along with the office number Or a concerned person whom I could go and personally meet.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Kanika,

All the best, because this does seem like a tricky situation. If you ask me, I think a Registrar may require both parties to be present for this, but its possible that in corner cases he may allow otherwise. If so, probably proof of this (for e.g. international travel tickets of husband / proof of presence in Delhi) may be helpful. But again, its probably at the mercy of the Registrar whether to accept this exception.

Having said that, I have just recently (last week?) updated the new address for the Registrar, so you may check this address.

vinay murthy said...

Hi Robin & Others

Please help me with the following query:

My marriage is due on 23rd of Jan. I wish to get legal marriage done, under the Christian marriage act, before the ceremony. Is that possible?

If yes, is Tatkal wedding option is available?

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Vinay!

Your request of a 'Tatkal' wedding is a new term and although I understand the meaning, I am quite intrigued by this question!

Since you didn't mention, I am assuming that you are getting married in a church. If so, you're already all set, since the Registration is anyways going to happen after the wedding. The post above should tell you all the details about how to get the Registration is to be done (*after*) the wedding in Church.

In the remote chance that this wedding is not happening in a Church, I think you should be addressing a whole lot of different issues, before worrying about the Marriage Registration certificate under Christian Marriage Act.

Hope this answers your question!

kanika porter said...

Greetings to one and all in the name of our Lord and saviour Jesus christ..
What I'm going to share is not only an updated info but a testimony to how God's faithfulness , love , mercies are beyond measures.And how important it is to have faith.
So as I mentioned in my earlier comment that my husband works in Germany and I needed to register my marriage as quick as possible for I had to apply for my visa. We got married on 17 th Dec n in desperation to have my marriage registered asap I decided to pay 11,000 rupee as a fee to an organization which deals in getting such work done and promised to get it done for me by end of December. I had already made 5000 advance before I even got to know of this blog.
The process had to begin but when I checked in with the guy he said Mt.Kom has gone for vacation and it can't be done right away as he will be returning in Jan 2 nd week . I told that person my husband is flying on 5th jan and so will my work be done to which he replied firstly "ya ya kaam hojaega". We were OK with it.
1 Jan we went to church and our pastor suddenly asked us so your marriage got registered we told him the same but he ended up telling I think Husband's presence is equally imp and adviced us to meet Mt kom's "PA" and get to know what can be done in such a case.
We went back home thinking what to do. My husband from somewhere locates Mt.kom number and decides to call him and ask him the same. Praise god we did that as he explained I'm bound by the law and will not be able to register your marriage if you are not present so better post pone your ticket and also told us what all is,required.
We prayed to God and did that. He joined his office on 9th Jan and we were present in his office since morning as its his,new office and he told us its his 3rd day here so things are not arranged yet. It took time for his team to arrange things and my registration happened at 6pm that evening.
God was with us making things work.
My husband is back and I applied for my visa. Rather than 11,000 Rs I got my marriage registered in 1,500 rupee that's it..
Details for the registration -
1. If you go with an appointment and within a months time of your marriage the registration fee is RS.200
If after a month there is late fee of Rs.500 + RS 200 registration fee..
I got in tatkal done which is 1500 rupee.
2. Apart from the documents mentioned above if wedding was performed outside Delhi you require a letter by pastor on the letter head issued of valid church.
3.Pastor licence is a very essential document ensuring that he was fully authorized to witness the marriage.
4. The pastor issues you a marriage certificate which has sign of two witness , if at time of legal registration you present the same witness then you don't require a affidavit
But like in my case both the witness were not the one mentioned on the church certificate so Mt.Kom asked us get an affidavit stating that they were present in the marriage.
4. Marriage picture is,required and 6 to 8 passport size individual pictures.
5. The address mentioned is his new address , I don't know his office number which is imp to fix an appointment.
I hope the info comes as help to one and all.

kanika porter said...

Mt.Kom is humble man and if approached in the right manner he comes out to be as great help and support .
I got my affidavit made in 80rupee each..
There are many who sit there just check well before settling down.

Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks @kanika for those (very) elaborate and very helpful comments.

I am sure a lot of people who read your comments are going to thank you for making their lives so much more easier.

God Bless :) !

Unknown said...

Hi Robins and everyone out there ! I'm trying to get my marriage registered. I was married in the month of Aug. I put up in Ghaziabad and my wife's address was West Delhi. Our marriage happened in St. Peter's Church , CP. I'm getting this done through a lawyer as I was told they would get this done easily. The lawyer has told me about the pastor license however our church has confirmed they don't get any licenses so would a letter from the church work? I already got a marriage certificate from the church. He also said that the certificate will be issued under my Wife's maiden surname . I think it's illogical if it's a marriage certificate it should be with my last name? Any help on this please and if anyone can share Mr Kom's number

Dennis Anthony said...

Hi Jindo , I guess u are a Malayalee too. Just want to know if the marriage registered is on ur wife's maiden surname or your name. Is Mr KOM very particular about this to issue in the original name only. Any help with any contact numbers of him or his associates will be helpful

Dennis Anthony

Robins Tharakan said...

I think it's logical to get a certificate in her maiden name. The marriage certificate is a proof that this person A married this person B. It doesn't by itself prove that this is her future name... Because many people like most cases I know don't change names ... just because how messy it becomes down the line.

Don't have Mr. Kom's number though.

All the best.

Dennis Anthony said...

Hi Robin , will the certificate be issued in my wife's maiden surname . I wish to get this done with my surname. I have approached a advocate to help..He said the church certificate has her maiden surname so it will be done through that only unless I get this changed from the church ! Our church ( St Peter's Church , CP) priest who conducted the marriage infact even the Bishop was present doesn't have a licence as such they never had neither the church is aware of it. Can you please advise if only the certificate can help and also about the last name. Thank You. Rgds Dennis

Jindo Varghese said...

hi Dennis, i have not changed her surname as they were saying its a different procedure. By the way we can do it later also.
Mr.Kom's office no-01123318845


Falex Gomes said...

Greeting Mr. Robin

A BIG THANKS for guiding in the right way for getting Christina Marriage Registered.

I am Falex, I got married in 2007 and now I want to get my marriage registered. By now I have got the idea of what all documents are needed and to be arranged for the same. Just I thing I want to know it would be very kind of you, if you could guide me where and whom to contact for the same and where will I get the application form.


Falex Gomes said...

Greetings Mr. Robin

I am sorry it is Christian Marriage Registered and I am from Delhi. Pls. guide me with the where about to whom and where to contact.


Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Falex,

The Blog above has all the details, but more importantly, the 100+ comments on this Blog Post have so much more details, for example it has the phone number of who to call as well.

Let me know if you need anything else, or if you found (after registration) that any detail listed here was incorrect.


Raphael Gomes said...

Hi Guys

Just for your information, had to do some running around regarding marriage registration. Mr. Kom has been re-transferred to his ITO office. Its the Sales Tax office on 4th Floor of the building. Ask for Mr. Kom. You have to go there once to collect forms and ask about all documents required.

Hope above is helpful.

Best Regards,

Raphael Gomes

Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks Raphael for confirming that.

Have updated the Blog with the details you mentioned.

Also, have created this PDF for anyone who wants to see the whole plan of action in one single Printable Page.



ginu thomas said...

Hi All,Robin

I was given appointment, when i reached the CP Office i was told that Mr Kom is traffered to ITO, Sales Tax office. Can i take take appointment on phone? If yes can someone give me the Phone-number?

-Ginu Thomas

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Ginu,

Sure. The top of the page has a link to a PDF that has the phone number and exact address.

Let me know if you are unable to find it.


Ravi J said...

Hello Everyone,

Can someone provide a sample of christian marriage certificate issued in delhi. I need to show to the ghaziabad authorities. They are not registering christian marriages. They don't know christian marriage act.

Please provide a marriage certificate. You can blur your personal information if you wish.

Thanks for help

Ravi J said...
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Ruth C said...

Ravi, your email address please?

Ravi J said...

Thanks for your reply.

you can send email on swarndeeps10@gmail.com

working real said...
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jeevan rahi said...
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Dr Zuba said...
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Amit said...

Hi Robin,

First of all, many thanks for summarizing the process. Your post is the only concise direction one gets if looking for Christian marriage registration in Delhi/India. I too am planning to visit ITO and apply for marriage certificate.
Seems the PDF you've mentioned above, is no more available there - it gives back 404 error. Can you share again please?


Amit said...

I got our marriage registered today (almost after a decade). This blog helped a lot. Mr. M.T. Kom still functions as a Joint Registrar for registration of Christian Marriage in Delhi. He's J.C. in Department of Trade & Taxes, Sales Tax Office, ITO, Delhi.

Had a wonderful experience (and rather quick) with him and his office. Had to visit twice - once to take an appointment, and then finally to get the marriage registered. He's very down to earth, and rubs his humility on you. His office staff is also very helpful.

Robins Tharakan said...

Apologies Amit, on being unable to revert in time.

I've corrected the PDF link and should work for all hereon.

And a Big thanks for updating the details regarding the Current Registrar.

Hopefully someone else will benefit from the recent updates you provided :)

Unknown said...

Hi that pdf link on top says file not found.could you help?

Robins Tharakan said...

That's strange. It seems to be working for me.

I just tried and was able to download the PDF. I also tried an Incognito Browser and it seems to be working fine.

Please do try again and let me know if you can download it again. It points to a DropBox URL which shows the Graph just fine (for me).

Ak said...

Hi Robin,
Really appreciate your efforts on making a blog. Its really very helpful.
And too all those who have contributed to make keep it updated.
I tired to download the pdf for the form the link is not working.

Can you please check.

Isaac Parry said...

Hi Robins, to make it more specific, he is available on 4th floor of Sales Tax office, located near ITO Delhi. PA at room. 401 will book appointment \nd carryout necessary documentation for us.
I appreciate your efforts and contributions along with other individuals which was very helpful. Thank you.