27 Mar 2013

Christian Marriage Registration (Delhi, India)

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Documents required for Christian Marriage Registration
(a.k.a. Documents required for Solemnization and Registration of Marriages under Indian Christian Marriage Act, 1872)

Workflow to get your Christian Marriage
Registered with the Delhi Government

(Click HERE for the Flowchart in detailed format)

  • Who: Mr. M. T. Kom (Joint Registrar, Christian Marriage Act)
    • NOTE: He does NOT do Special Marriage Act. etc.
    • He is the *ONLY* person authorized for marriages solemnized in Delhi. One user commented him to be a very down to earth / humble / helpful person, however, as with all Marriage Registrars, he is very particular about Documentation / Process.
  • Email: swadm@nic.in
  • Phone011-25069485
  • Address:  DC Office, Kapashera 
    • Sometimes rooms change, please confirm room at reception first
    • This address is correct as of ~7th Jan 2019
  • Fee
    • Rs. 200/- If requesting Registration within 1 month of Marriage
    • Rs. 700/- If requesting Registration after 1 month of Marriage
    • Rs. 1500/- If requesting Tatkal Marriage Registration
  • When: Take an appointment
    • Please read comments (Paul and Mona) below to know the phone number, or you can approach the venue and take an appointment.
  • Documentation: (Carry originals. Recommended to carry a photocopy) 
    • Pastor License
      • Mandatory
    • Pastor Letter (on Church Letterhead)
      • Generally asked if marriage took place outside Delhi
    • Photographs
      • 6-8 Individual Passport size each
      • Joint-photographs of Husband / Wife
      • Marriage Pictures / Wedding Invitation Card if possible
    • Delhi based Identification Proofs (PAN / Aadhaar / etc.)
    • 2 witnesses and two ID proofs (aadhaar / pan) for each witness
      • Collect witness application form from concerned office
    • Affidavit for each Witness (stating they were present at the wedding)
      • Required only if the 2 Witness (required during Marriage Registration) are *not* the same 2 Witnesses that signed in the Church Marriage Certificate
    • Other documents
      • If one (of those getting married) comes from a different religion
        • Carry a Church Baptized Certificate
      • If one is a Foreign National
        • A No-Objection certificate from the Embassy (of the foreign national) in India
      • If one is a Divorcee
        • A copy of divorce papers 

Back in 2013, I ran around a bit to get my Church Marriage registered as per the Indian Legal System. Given below are the steps required, and my inputs that'd make this slightly easier for those trying to get their Church marriages a legal stamp.

I note this down solely because my father had a harrowing time, running around for quite a bit, before he even understood what the whole process is. 

First no one wanted to tell us where the blessed office was, then no one wanted to tell who was the person concerned and then no one knew how it all had to be done. 

To make matters worse, asking a lawyer was a bigger problem with each one of them pointing to the 'Hindu Marriage Act'. When confronted with obvious fact that this wasn't a Hindu marriage... they flatly started asking anything from 10k to 20k to get it 'done' but not one of them wanted to tell what the procedure was.

I must thank dad for all the running around to find the said steps and allow us to get our marriage registered.


  • This document is for getting a church wedding (i.e. those couples who are already married) to get their marriage registered under the Christian Marriage Act 1872.
  • No Agents / Touts required.
    • As a generous commenter has posted below, go to Touts at your own risk! They charge in tens of thousands of rupees, waste your time and still don't know what to do! 
  • Generally the Registrar seems to be serving multiple (Govt) profiles, and is quite busy.
    • As of July 2016, the current Christian Marriage Registrar is Mr. M.T. Kom. He is a Joint Registrar. (Big thanks to Nayan J. Das & Mona for providing this info!)
    • In the same light, it helps if you are able to take an appointment before going. Sometimes Registrars are 'officially' available only on select days of the week (not every day) and sometimes available only between given hours (for e.g. 11 AM-1 PM).
  • It obviously helps if you go with some patience. This is a government office and you probably already know how most Indian offices work. If you're lucky your patience wouldn't be tested, but then your mileage may vary!
  • One person (who commented below) found out the hard way that it is *essential* that BOTH husband / wife be present during Registration.(Big thanks to Kanika for providing this info and so many other things in this post)

Now download PDF of the entire Process of
Registering your Christian Marriage with Delhi Government.


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Wander Armenian said...

Hi! Robin , thank you for proving so much details. I did try calling up the office no you have provided but sadly the official that you mentioned is no longer in officer , I am told he has retired. Actually lady in that office picked up my call and explained that the designated Nodal Office has changed and the place of sitting has also changed , now its some lady officer and is placed in GB Pant Hospital but there is no contact no so have to again search. In case you have any clue please do let me know. Thanks and blessing!!

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