25 Apr 2013

PgAdmin doesn't (directly) support restoring from PLAIN format backups (yet)

Was working with my team at office recently and had a request from the team to learn how to 'Restore' an existing backup using PgAdmin. I thought this was easy, since PgAdmin allows for both 'Backup' and 'Restore' but investigating further, I found that PgAdmin only allows for Restore in formats other than 'PLAIN'.

Cross-checked this on the internet and found references here, here and here saying the same thing. 

PgAdmin doesn't (directly) support Restore'ing from plain text backups. To restore a backup, backed up using PLAIN format, you'd need to pass it through a command line utility called 'psql' that is available in both PgAdmin as well as postgres server installations.

I think it's high time that PgAdmin support this feature, especially when all the building blocks are already in-place. Lets see if I could take out time and submit a patch for this.

... till later.


Joji Abraham said...
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Robins Tharakan said...
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