14 Oct 2017

First alpha release of PsqlForks - Menon

Primer: PsqlForks aims to support all DB Engines that (even partially) speak Postgres (psqlforks = psql for Postgres forks).

Given that PsqlForks has been in development for a few weeks, it's time to stabilize a bit and towards that, we finally have Menon, PsqlForks first Alpha Release. Being an alpha, by definition it isn't ready for production, but it feels stable enough ... feel free to test it out!

Importantly, this fork is synced with postgres/master regularly, and should ideally sport all recent psql developments. Further, I am not a C expert and am just barely comprehending Postgres, so let me know of any 18-wheelers that I didn't see.

The release title - 'Menon', is a common sub-Caste in South-Indian state of Kerala. Selecting this nomenclature emanates from the idea of popularizing (heh!) common names and places from Kerala... and that it doesn't hurt to have an identifiable name (and while at it, add character) to a Release :) 

This release includes: 

  • Decent support for Redshift:
    • SQL tab completion for Redshift related variations
    • \d etc. now support Redshift specifics - ENCODINGs / SORTKEYs / DISTKEY / COMPRESSION etc.
    • Support Temporary Credentials using IAM Authentication (via AWS CLI)
    • View detailed progress here.
  • Basic support / Recognition semantics for:
    • CockroachDB - view progress here
    • PipelineDB
    • PgBouncer
    • RDS PostgreSQL
You could read more here:

For the interested:

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