20 Dec 2014

Car transfer between Indian states

After moving to Hyderabad last year, I had to bring my (Delhi Registered) car to Hyderabad for regular day-to-day use. Coupled with the fact that this was a (pretty) old car registered (still) under my dad's name, I had a genuine question as to whether I should get a car re-registered in Hyderabad.

Considering that there is a lot of intra-state movement in India, in part owing to software related employment, I am sure a lot of people are under similar doubts and thought I'd clarify a few things that I found out the hard way.

Some things were learnt by directly talking to the Regional Traffic Office - head (Attapur), some things were learnt by speaking to a few Documentation Agents, and some things purely by doing it:

First, the 'should-dos':
  • Plan well before you leave from the source city / state. Its highly under-stated and really helps in saving your time later.
  • Get an NOC from the source city / state during this 'planning period'. 
    • For e.g. you could get an NOC for Delhi as mentioned here. Other UT / States probably have similar procedures that you could confirm from the local RTO. 
    • The NOC would require the RTO office specifics of target city (Hyderabad in my case) and so you should have a rough idea which part of the city you would be staying after movement. So understanding your office location, local rent prices near the office (Housing.com / 99Acres.com could help) would help in estimating which part of the city you'd want to stay
    • This decision is important because some large cities (like Hyderabad) have zonal RTOs and all documentary transactions would be done *only* at this RTO zone office. So even if you later find that another zonal RTO is closer to your house, you would *have* to speak to the RTO mentioned in the NOC. So chose wisely, to avoid inconvenience.
  • After you have moved to the target city (~first 45 days), keep your car-movement receipt with you at all times. Just like Insurance / PUC etc... this document would allow you leverage in telling a Traffic cop that you've just moved into the City / State. So I got my car moved through a movers-n-packers and kept their bill (with transfer-date clearly visible) along-side car documents for the first month or two.
  • Irrespective of who / what my friends said, I was very clear from day one that paying tax meant that I *never* have to hide from any Traffic police official in the middle of the road. To me, traveling with family (for e.g. to a movie) needs to be tension free, and that's one thing I'd recommend you take off your shoulders, despite the cost incurred in paying that tax.
    • The decision as to whether I pay the tax, or just sell off the vehicle and buy another one, was further complicated by the fact that I was not the owner (and would have had to call in Dad from another state for any sale / resale).
    • Additionally, this was a 12 year old car. The value of reselling such a car, whose owner is in another state, and that isn't registered in Hyderabad (and running on an NOC), is so low, that you'd rather use it for yourself as long as it works, and consider selling off only when its become a burden. Since it hadn't yet become a burden, I was strongly in favour of paying up.
  • I went to the zonal RTO (to which the NOC was addressed) and asked how to pay tax. They needed the car's original purchase amount, luckily I had the original (12 years old!) car purchase documents and that meant one less hurdle for me. The older the car, the lesser is the tax, but to a surprise, the road-tax for this 12 year old Santro still came out to be a whopping ~24k. Just because I was clear about the decision, the amount was irrelevant and went ahead with the tax.
    • A great realization at the Attapur RTO was that this young chap at the 'May I Help You' help-desk was unique enough to warrant mention. On hind-sight, the only other government office, where I have hence seen such a helpful and sensitive help-desk personnel, was at the DDA Head-Office in Delhi.
    • Ironically both help-desk personnel were visually impaired, or as my friend Bharat puts it, blind. (Bharat is one too, and gets extremely irritated when anyone 'sugar-coats' the truth as anything else but 'the-bare-truth', probably I'll narrate his brave fight with the system another day too).
    • This man (Attapur office), was utterly focussed in addressing the 'next-guy-in-line', clearly reconfirm the question asked, briefly cross-check in case he has any doubts in the question, and accurately provide a practical solution at hand, which at times meant giving the bad news too.
    • To top it, he was also humble enough to accept lack-of-knowledge in specific questions but aptly guided me to the appropriate counter (window) where I could know better.
    • Hats off, and I was pleasantly surprised to see such alacrity in serving questions in a Government office.
Some additional info, for those who're keen enough:
  • Unofficially, a senior personnel at the Zonal RTO said that earlier the Traffic Personnel were very stringent about Tax documents when catching an out-of-state vehicle. I presume this was mainly because rarely anyone used to pay such a heavy amount, and therefore the cops could ask for a bigger bribe to let the vehicle go. However, off-late a group of Software Professionals approached the State Government ministry to apprise them that the Road-Tax levied, is a lifetime road-tax whereas a good chunk of software professionals in Hyderabad were in for a few years, after which they move on to another city / state / country. Logically, the system should either allow refund of remaining Tax amount (a provision that currently doesn't exist), or the system should allow a shorter Tax-Period (say 3-4 years), which again doesn't exist. Since both options were not on the table, they hinted at resolving this at the Courts. The Government seemingly relented and now (at least unofficially), the Traffic cops have been asked to lay off such cases until a formal settlement / updated rule comes into effect.
  • I spoke with another (non-government) Documentation Agent, who (without any financial benefit) advised that I do not go ahead with car re-registration. Since I made it clear that I was Software Professional who didn't plan to stay here more than 3-4 years, he advised that beyond paying up the road-tax, nothing else was recommended. This is because at times, the re-registration process takes upward of 1 - 3 years, mainly because shuffling of papers between two states takes ages. In between this period, if for some reason you need to move to a third state, you are stuck because this process is very difficult to fast-track.
  • Additionally, an old friend has been staying with his UP registration number (after paying adequate tax) for the past 5 years in Hyderabad, and has never had any issues, further re-affirming the idea that Re-registration isn't a necessity. The only exception of course is that if you intend to stay on forever, you probably want to re-sell the car away at some time, and its advisable that while you are not in a hurry, let the re-registration process take years, and by the time its time to sell off the car, your papers would have come in.
 All the best, for your learning experience :) !


Unknown said...

Can you provide contact of any reliable RTO agent in DELHI

Robins Tharakan said...

Apologies Visakh...

Am not in touch with any RTO agents in Delhi now... although decades of experience suggests that going to the nearest RTO office would allow you to see a ton of Agents waiting to get something done. Its never that difficult in India, if you're willing to pay the price!

Unknown said...

I am planning to move my dads Swift (2014) to Hyd from Kerala. I only intent to use it for a few months and I will be in hitech city side. Do you think I would need to pay up tax in hyd as well? I mean I know legally I should, but do I really need to? How strict are the cops there?

Robins Tharakan said...

Good question Ashley.

There are two things that you could do when moving a car from Kerala to Hyderabad, they are Re-Register your car (i.e. change your car number from KLxxxxx to TSxxxx) or you could also Let the KLxxxx registration number stay and just pay the Road Tax for Telangana (~10-15% of purchase price!!) and drive without worry...

However, if you are only moving for a few months (and if you have an appetite for some risk of a cop stopping you about once in 3 months) I would recommend you don't do either of the two things!!

As mentioned in the 'Additional' section above, the Documentation agent clearly said that ReRegistering your car can take 3-4 years (yes Years!) and in between that if you want to move to... lets say Bangalore.. you're stuck without papers and a far worse condition, because you can't back-track a ReRegistration process.

Similarly as mentioned in the 'Additional' section above, the RTO Senior personnel said that in the past few years, the Cops have been 'asked' to let the Road Tax cases be, as in not be pursued as vigorously as they used to earlier.. The rumour was that it was a one-year leeway period given in such cases...

Net-Net, I would recommend that you carry your vehicle transfer document always with you (you know Aggarwal movers etc.) or your state-entry fee-receipt (toll-tax) that you pay when driving to Hyd... and keep that handy just in case someone does stop you.

Besides that, I don't think you should be doing anything else... :)

Unknown said...


I am moving to Hyderabad in December & planning to carry my darling brand new 3 year old Ritz (HR 26 registered) which I bought 2nd hand 2 years ago. I have no clue how long will I work in Hyderabad & no intent to change the registration. Few Questions. Is road tax charged on:
1. Ex. Showroom price of car in Hyderabad?
2. Ex. Showroom price of car in Gurgaon where I bought it from?
3. On road price of what I bought it for (remember 2nd hand)?
4. Current Insurance value?

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Hemant,

That's a very simple answer.

They would require you to produce the Original purchase documents (I think photocopy would do) and use that amount (not the 2nd hand resale value, or Hyderabad price) when calculating the x% of the road tax applicable.

I am assuming that if you don't have that document, they would probably have a fallback, but I am sure that it wouldn't be lower than what the original price was... or else no one would show their original car documents, and just say I can't trace it.

For similar reason, they will 'never' use car insurance value because that keeps depreciating (going down) and so although you and I may understand why that may be a better way to calculate road tax, they use the original car sale document and use that price... Even for my 12 year old vehicle they used 2002 sale price for the tax calculation.

Hope that answers your question... and as always, please do post here, if you find something new that other readers may find of help.

Unknown said...

Thanks. Sure will post update. So, I bought a brand new 0 Mileage display car manufactured Dec 2012, ex. showroom was around 6.2 lakhs Gurgaon in Dec 2013 for 5 lakhs. Does that mean road tax will be on 6.2 lakhs or 5 lakhs? I have original invoice stating selling price as 5 lakhs.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Hemant,

From how the Government Babus work, I think they could care less if you bough 1 Cr car for Rs. 5 lakh.

In other words, if you have a purchase document and it says that you paid Rs. 5 lakh, the percentage calculation would be applied on 5 lakh (i.e. the amount you paid) and not the amount of a new car as prevalent on that date...

Unknown said...
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Unknown said...

Hi, I am new to delhi ....because of this messy rules I just sold out my car in Hyderabad where I used to stay...and now it's been 3 months I have been away from drives ...and a lot more ... I don't know and not sure how long will I be staying in Delhi...but I need a car here ...surprising I found second hand cars are cheaper in Delhi...which encourages me to buy...but am confused with Delhi reg numbers and cops and the system I don't know much about them ...so iam planning to buy a punto and what if get transferred in 3 months to Mumbai or bangalore ...the please advice me wat should I do then ..what would be the best advise ...if I buy a pre owned car in Delhi wat things especially the documents should be verified ...like du I need to get the ID proof of the registered owner .....to get it transferred in my name ..and I don't have any ID address proof in Delhi as all my IDs are from.Hyd..so can I get the transfer on my name in Delhi...?lots of questions like wise ...can any one answer .?

Robins Tharakan said...


Not sure if I'd be able to answer a lot of questions, probably you need to consult an expert, or someone who's already been in your position.

But for an advice, if you are not confident of who / what / where / how of buying a car in Delhi, I would strongly advise that you should go to a *branded* second-hand car dealer like Maruti True-Value OR Mahindra First-Choice. They pre-test the car and a little more reliable in two things (car condition / car papers). I am sure they'd be costlier than other second hand car dealers, but its the price you pay for less hassles.

The only other advice is that don't think that Maruti True-Value only gives Maruti vehicles, a close friend (in Hyd) recently bought a Nano from True-Value for 60k. I drove it myself and looked like a pretty decent buy, but obviously your mileage may vary.

Unknown said...

Hi Robins

Thankyou for the elaborated description of your experience & process involved.

However i still seem to have a doubt.

You mentioned that the tax calculation is solely based on ex showroom price of original state.

So now I have my own example to put across.

During my visits to Delhi last year i bought a used Skoda Laura 2010 model from Delhi to Hyderabad ( I drove it to hyd )

I have obtained the NOC from Delhi as well. So the Ex showroom price on paper for this car was 15lacs in 2010.

Do according to what you said tha tax calc is 10-15% of ex showroom price..

So does that mean i have to pay up 1.5-2.5 lacs just as tax ? Or is there a depreciating calculation as well ?

Yes i am from Hyderabad and will stay in hyderabad most of the time hence i need this tax things cleared so drive without any Ttraffic cops after my life.

So wanted to know if i calculated the value correctly or not

Also i had asked some local mechanics cum rta agents and they said it should cost 50-60k in my case. So this is what confuses me.

How the difference?
Any spl clauses they try to get tax exemption?

Would need your help on this

Sayeed Khan

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Sayeed,

Appreciate that you could elaborate your case here.

I have a feeling that you may have to cough up a lot of money if that ex-Showroom price was that high. I say that because, even in my case the RTO didn't care how old the car was (mine was more than 10 years old) and still he applied the formula (which decreases every year) but still there was no depreciation concept in my calculation. So for my 3.97 lakh Santro I still have to cough up about Rs. 25000 (at approx 6% for 12 year old car).

In short:
- Each year that n% decreases, so for e.g. (rough numbers here) for a 5 year old car the formula may be 10%, whereas for a 10 year old the formula (to get tax) may be about 5% only.
- Given the above point, there was no separate Depreciation concept for the car value. The person requested the Ex-Showroom sale document (or had his fallback chart for approx car value in that year).

For an advice, as mentioned above in the article, there was a drive a few years back (in the previous government) that they had (unofficially) slowed the vigorous checks on out-of-state vehicles, but I have no idea whether this is the same case now, since the government has changed and the cops may now be back to vigorous drives. You can simply walk up to the nearest RTO and ask what would be the approximate value and I think you can be confirm that upfront, before actually paying that amount. If your car value / car age means 1 lakh plus, you might as well have to take a call between driving in fear (and be ready to bribe when caught) or pay up and feel lighter + have peace of mind. In my experience, I drive to office from Secunderabad to Hitech and go almost every weekend with family and have 'never' been stopped by a copy in the past 3 years.

Given the plus & minus, I was sure what my decision was, I guess you'd have to make yours.

All the best!

armaan said...

Hi,just a question, I am moving from Gurgaon to Hyderabad next month and I had no clue that I have to pay anything at all, because mine is a 2015 i20 that I purchased in Punjab, but since the last 3months I'm driving it here in Delhi NCR, and no cop has ever stopped me for such a case. So I was under the impression that when I move to Hyderabad. I could simply drive it down or have it transported through a packer or mover. But your post seems to scare me slightly. I plan to be in Hyderabad for around 16-18 months(maybe less) but nothing short of an Year, so does that mean I would have to pay certain taxes to ply my vehicle in Hyderabad ? Also if you would know the best way to get the car across with an idea on costs (car movers etc) any and all information would be just great ! Thank you

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Armaan,

Well the rule says that beyond 30 (or 45) days you would need to pay the Tax. Now you could dare and say that when caught, I could bribe my way through, or you could get frustrated with the whole system and pay a *huge* tax for the 16 months and get even more angry, when you get to know that currently there is no way that the Government would return your 'Life-Tax' when you leave the state after just 1.5 years.... But that's the current state and yes we all dislike it as things are.

As for movers and packers, beware there as well. I had an odd experience with this Movers & Packers (Kerala Movers & Packers), when my Santro was moved in here, with one of those Maruti Trailers that carry new cars. The Delivery person said I'd need to come to some 25 odd km in Hyderabad and pick it up myself (rather than him delivering it to my place, like my goods). But that was it. A year later a close friend had a *really* harrowing experience with the same transporter, when he realised that his Tata Storme was "DRIVEN" by some idiot from Delhi to Hyderabad. The Reading clearly showed that, the seats were all filthy, the gear box was *completely* screwed up and cost him another 10k to just get the car serviced / repaired after the treacherous driving experience, all that when the owner was told that the car'd be 'transported and not driven' to Hyd.

Seriously ... :) All the best !

Unknown said...

Hi, i am from kerala and i would like to buy a second hand car from delhi. what about tax i have to pay for...

armaan said...

Hey. Thanks for the reply. So if I get this straight, legally speaking if a cop doesn't like me, I can be caught and fined for driving the Pb number car in Delhi as well ? And that would be the same logic that applies in Hyderabad as well ? The rule is similar for all states right ?
Thanks again

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Amaan,

Yes, if I understand the rules, that's correct.

In fact if you remember, recently there were talk of filtering vehicles (although mostly commercial vehicles) at the Delhi Border to ensure that the City streets are less crowded.

But there are two exceptions to Delhi. Firstly, NCR is an accepted terms for some legal concepts, in the sense that sometimes some rules / restrictions apply not just to Delhi, but to NCR and so a PB car 'may be' allowed in legal terms within NCR (unlike in Hyd). Secondly, State Governments decide the amount and implement local tax rules (and its not a central rule) and so things / severity of catching a car like this, may vary from State to state.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Unknown,

If you are buying a second-hand car in Delhi and would like to drive that in Delhi, I don't think you need to pay any more taxes. The first buyer of that car would have already paid life-time tax of the vehicle when the car was bought from the showroom. The owner of a second-hand car doesn't need to pay additional tax.

atul srivastav said...

Hi Robins,

I want to relocate my father named car from Varanasi to Hyderabad which is under Loan.
i will be using car here in Hyderabad, please suggest what should be done in terms of paper work ?

Unknown said...

HI Robins,

I brought my car from Bangalore to Bhubaneswar and bhubaneswar is my native. I Paid tax in bhubaneswar and now my car registration number changed in from KA to OD.

How will i claim my tax amount i paid in karnataka(Bangalore)

Thnxs in advance

Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks for posting your query Basab.

As far as I know, I haven't heard of anyone reclaiming their Tax paid amount from the State agencies once they transfer out, and so, to answer your question, to the best of my knowledge the chances are grim, if not infinitely small.

In case you are able to do so, it would be a big help if you are able to guide other users, by posting your experience here.


JK said...


I'm moving onsite with my car from Gurgaon to Hyderabad on 2nd June for a span of 15 months. Just wanted to know that in case I'm willing to pay the Road Tax to Hyderabad RTO, then is it mandatory to obtain the NOC from Gurgaon RTO and produce it at Hyd RTO or you can simply pay the Tax by showing the relevant documents (R.C, Insurance, PUC, Invoice, etc.) of the car. I don't have much time to get the NOC nor I've any near one over here to do this.
Kindly advise asap.

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Jagajeet,

Answering point-wise:

- I was asked for the NOC, when paying my Road Tax here in Secunderabad. So unless rules have changed since the past 3 years, this is mandatory.

- Depending on when you bought your car and its price you may be paying a 'very' hefty sum for Road-Tax especially considering that you are going to move out in 15 months. See Road-Tax is actually Life-Time-Road-Tax (15 years) but the government never returns your 'balance' Road-Tax when you're leaving. For e.g. for a 12 year old 4 lac car I paid 5.5% (25k)... For a newer car obviously the percentage would go as high as 10% or so.

My advice (especially if you don't have the time / resources for an NOC)? If you have the courage for it, come as it is and ask the R.T.O. if you can pay Road-Tax (without N.O.C). If he's okay with it, and if you're okay with the price, pay it. Or else, expect some music if / when you're caught on the road and be ready to pay some to the Traffic guy to get scott-free.

My experience driving a DL registered car in Hyderabad is that I've been asked for documents only 2 times in the past three years and both the times I was forth-coming enough to say I have all the documents (RC / Pollution / Insurance / Tax-Paid) and the guy really gave me a frown (as if realizing that he's going to get nothing under-the-table from me) and let me go. That is I have *never* shown the documents to anyone on the road, in Hyderabad.

If you can pull that off, you may have a solution!

All the best.

Unknown said...

Hi Robins,

I'm from Hyderabad. I'm planning to buy a Delhi registered 2006 Santro. The seller got the NOC. What would be the cost incurred for the re-registration of this vehicle at Hyderabad RTO.



Unknown said...

What was the original price of your Santro car 12yrs ago?

What all constituted the 24k you had to pay ?

Unknown said...

Thanks a lot for your eloborated answer as well.

So looks like im in for a huge monetary hurdle ahead if i need to have peace of mind by paying up complete LTT for my car.

I find this whole taxation very disappointing and inappropriate as the tax was aleady paid in mother state in full. So i find this new horrible tax structure very harrasing.

Anyways thats something i may not be able to do anything about.

So wanted to ask you. I heard theres a process of refunding the tax from mother state on a depreciating basis. Any idea on that ????

Unknown said...

Hi Robins,

After going through all your posts it's easier for a person to understand transferring of vehicles.

Plz advice in my case also:-

I bought a 2nd hand santro 2009 model, and want to take it to begumpet Hyderabad.

I have RC in my name , pollution, insurance.

I don't have buying receipt of the vehicle as I bought it second hand.

Plz advice my complications/ documents . Or else I'll not bring it as for me paying tax of 30-40k will be not feisable

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Sayeed,

Apologies for responding late, I was moving out and couldn't respond this past month.

Regarding your query about tax calculations, I paid 6% of 4 lakh (new car cost in 2002) that was about ~24000 paid to Hyd RTO 3 years back.

And yes, I did feel the same frustration (about paying road-tax twice) and at least I couldn't see the refund process anywhere... I was very sure to as the Hyderabad RTO about refund which he said is still not in paper yet (and so officially non-existent) however, I didn't ask or know about refund from the mother state... so you may find some luck there.

All the Best!

Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Vikas / Mazhar,

I doubt that the purchase receipt is mandatory. But I don't think that is good news. The purchase receipt is the best way to prove that the 'actual' cost of the vehicle is lower than what the government would set, in case people don't bring their receipts. Obviously the government price is expected to be higher, or else who would bring their receipts (I hope you get my point).

The downside to that is, that I am still assuming that the tax rates wouldn't be less than 25k. However, you may want to check these out:
1. Whether the recent changes have brought down the tax percentage rate (For e.g. I paid 6% of 4 lakh that was about ~24000 3 years back)

2. Mine was a first hand car and so (although rare) its possible that you may be asked to pay what you paid for the second hand purchase... But frankly I doubt that.

3. (For Mazhar) The complication I see here is that (and I did got to the RTO just 2 months back) and can confirm that this is a *VERY* painful process. First the NOC would require that the previous registrant change the ownership of the vehicle to Hyderabad RTO (without you coming into the picture). Once that is done, which isn't a fast process, then re-registering to your name should be a near one-day job (As far as the seller is concerned).

All the best!

Unknown said...

Hi Robins,

I am planning to bring a car from Gwalior(M. P.) to Pune(Maharashtra) next month. The car is registered under my father's name. Can I just bring it over and pay the road tax in Pune or do I need to get the car transferred to my name and if yes, what is the procedure?

Unknown said...

Hi Robins, I have a car with Haryana registration which I got to Hyderabad last year. I did pay additional road tax as I came here but didn't change the Haryana Registration number. Now I am intending to sell the car in Hyderabad. Is it possible to sell here or I need to sell it in Haryana only? What kind of documentation would be required?


Robins Tharakan said...

Hi Ananad,


When selling a car in this format, please go and speak to the local RTO... No agent. No inputs. Or else you would end up 'selling' your car to a person, who would not change the registration and you'd be a scape-goat if he bangs the car into someone else.

Please speak to an RTO and get the 'exact' steps. Believe me, its worth the trouble. I still regret not doing the ground work before 'selling' my car to someone in Hyderabad, and that person has still (after 4 months) not registered the car in his name... Which is still a cause for my worry.

All the best!

Unknown said...



Unknown said...

Hi robins,

I would like to thank you for all ur information what u have in ur blog. I was planning to buy a used car from delhi and move it to hyderabad, now I got a roughly idea what I need to do. Ur information will help me allot.

Thanks once again.

Robins Tharakan said...

Thanks for posting that (Unknown).

It's obviously helpful if there are such small words of appreciation :) All the best !

Anil Reddy said...

Could you please call me 9704477795..i have few quries I.e like car transfer from IT to telanga Hyderabad and also ownership of vechicle ..

Robins Tharakan said...

Mr. Anil, please consult a local car movers for more queries. This is a personal blog detailing personal experiences, and would be unable to provide personal assistance. Thanks for understanding.

Anil Reddy said...

I planning to buy fait linea second hand car which is in Hariyana state.but, the car is in Hyderabad. And i am also staying in Hyderabad ..could you please let me know how much amount I need to spend n how much time does take to change car ownership as well as state change...Note :-no Hyderabad road paid and noc /cc paid...

Anil Reddy said...

Reddy said...
I planning to buy fait linea second hand car which is in Hariyana state.but, the car is in Hyderabad. And i am also staying in Hyderabad ..could you please let me know how much amount I need to spend n how much time does take to change car ownership as well as state change...Note :-no Hyderabad road tax paid and noc /cc paid...but he paid road tax in hariyana state ..

Car details below

2010 model
Fait linea
Ex showroom price 10lkhs
Insurance vaild up to May 2018

Packers and Movers said...
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Return of the dragon said...

Hi robins,

Very impressed with your prompt reply to each question. I'm planning to transfer my second hand Hyundai accent 2000 make to Hyderabad from Kerala. What is the procedure and how much road tax do I need to pay?

Also, can u let me know the charges for hiring transport services?

Thanks in advance

Packers and Movers said...
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Unknown said...

Hello Sir,

I planning to transfer my car from delhi to hyderabad, Car registered with South Delhi registration number, What are the documents i need to collect from Delhi.

I am going to stay permanently in hyderabad for this what is the process please explain me

Unknown said...

I relocated from Gurgaon to Hyderbad recently, and also brought my car along. I have got NOC/form 28 etc from GGN, paid road tax in Hyderabad, and have the complete bunch of documents ready to be submitted to Attapur RTO, to get TS registration no.

would like to hear from other members on this forum - does it take really that long i.e. 1-3 yrs ?

I plan to sell off the car in next one quarter. and that's the main reason I want to get TS registration number. Else I think it's hard to sell with HR registration number.


Unknown said...

I am planning to relocate from Delhi to Hyderabad permanently. I have a 3yr old Tiago. Could you suggest what all transfer/paper formalities should I do to drive the car tension free in Hyderabad.
Many thanks.

LeadLocate said...
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