31 Dec 2006

Ubuntu is just too good !!!

Pending my previous post, I tried Ubuntu on my desktop system, and I am impressed :) !!

The reason ? Well I believe the most important reason is that 'It Just Works !!'.

Besides, on a macro scale, I found the following reasons as to why I am pretty impressed with Ubuntu:
  • There is only one application for each task. (for e.g. There is one music player, one video player, one browser, one email client. And all of them just work out of the box).
  • Things that shouldn't bother me, don't. (for e.g. I am never enquired about my IP address, gateway, workgroup name, dns server, mouse name, screen refresh rates, ... hufff, ... or the scores of things that linux distributions commonly ask)
  • It Just Works !!!

If you need to try a 'powerful' linux distribution, please try Ubuntu (version 6.10)

If browsing, email, songs and movies is all you do. You'd probably love it. And me a programmer, if I am beginning to really like, I think you can understand why you ought to try it out.


I did learn quite a few things along the way, and I'd be posting everything that I learnt in the upcoming posts.

... till later.

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