8 Nov 2019

Compiling any C source on WSL (Linux on Windows)

This is a short post, in hopes that someone doesn't spend hours trying to wonder why a fresh Postgres Source Clone (or any C code for that matter) complains on the first (1st) non comment line about something very trivial (see sample below) as soon as you trigger a ./configure

$ ./configure
: not found: 18: ./configure:
./configure: 34: ./configure: Syntax error: newline unexpected (expecting ")")

This same Postgres code compiles beautifully in Ubuntu (on EC2) and so this is not about "apt vs yum" or "Ubuntu vs CentOS" etc..

What took me a while to figure was that this was one of the oldest of issues between Mac/Linux and Windows OS.


Running something as simple as the following, at the root of the source directory got the ball rolling:

find . -type f -print0 | xargs -0 dos2unix

Enjoy Linux on Windows :) !

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aimpugn said...

really thanks for sharing it!!!

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