3 Aug 2017

Reducing Wires

Recently got an additional monitor for my workstation@home and found that the following wires were indispensable:

  • USB Mouse
  • Monitor VGA / HDMI / DVI cable
  • USB Hub cable (Pen Drive etc.)
I was lucky that this ($20 + used) Dell monitor was an awesome buy since it came with a Monitor USB Hub (besides other goodies such as vertical rotate etc).

After a bit of rejigging, this is how things finally panned-out:
  • 1 USB Wire (from the laptop) for the MUH (Monitor USB Hub)
    • This is usually something like this.
  • Use a USB->DVI converter and use that to connect MUH -> Monitor DVI port
    • This is usually something like this.
  • Plug USB Mouse to MUH
  • With things working so well, I also plugged a Wireless Touchpad dongle to the MUH
So now when I need to do some office work, connecting 1 USB wire gets me up and running!

#LoveOneWires :)

Now only if I could find a stable / foolproof Wireless solution here ;)

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