24 Dec 2016

Watch an Online Movie: (Wget -c || Deluge) && Chrome > Chromecast

For all those who are in an odd situation where:

  • They have a paid account to a Movie site (like Netflix etc.)
  • Are unable to watch movies online, just because the video-streaming is just too slow
    • Either because your convenient times are 'peak' times for the server
    • Or, you are behind a painfully bad ISP
  • And are able to download the movie, as an option.

To such customers, downloading the movie overnight (using for e.g. wget) would be a big help!

I regularly use this, to download the movie, and watch with non-tech people (my kids) who can't be explained why the movie keeps 'Buffering'!

c:\bin\wget \
  -O KD1242.mp4 \ # Output filename
  -t 0 \ # Retrying indefinitely
  -c -T 10 \ # Reconnect + Timeouts are 10 seconds
  -w 10 \ # wait 10 seconds before retrying a disconnection

Windows binaries for GPL'ed GNU software (such as Wget) are heaven sent here:

And if you need a Big-TV experience (for e.g. if you have a Chromecast), you could stitch things together by using the Google Cast extension for your Chrome Browser, and open up "c:\" on the browser to play the movie directly in the browser (since VLC stream is still in Beta):

If by chance you're downloading videos via torrents (For e.g. NASA videos), here are my GPL recommendations for Windows:

  • Deluge: If you haven't seen this, you should really replace your uTorrent etc. clients with this one
  • Use the Streaming Extension (Github Link)
  • Copy the URL that the Extension provides + Paste to Chrome
  • Cast your tab to your Chromecast + Enjoy!

Have Fun!

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