13 Apr 2016

Postgres performance - File + ReadOnly

Just wanted to see how Postgres performed when comparing its performance over the different Major releases. I had a spare Pi2 lying around and found it useful for such a performance test.

More inferences to follow, in future posts.
As always, any feedback is more than welcome.

  • Despite a regression in 9.3 onwards, the combination of File + Read-Only has improved drastically in the 9.6dev branch
  • 9.6dev branch is 
    • 2x faster than 9.1 on some tests
    • 50% faster than 9.5.2 (currently, the latest stable release!) on some tests
  • Yay!!
  • Raspberry Pi Model 2B
  • 1GB RAM
  • 900 MHz Quad-Core-ARM Cortex-A7 (ARMv7 Processor rev 5 (v7l))
  • 32GB Class 10 SD Card
Software: Source used for this test

  1. All configurations were run 10 times each
  2. All configurations were run for 100 secs each
  3. The Phrases in the name of each chart tells what Pgbench was run with:
    1. ConnX: with -cX (For e.g. Conn64: with -c64)
    2. Thread4: with -j4
    3. Prepared: with -M Prepared 
    4. File: External SQL file with one SQL command "SELECT 1;"
    5. Readonly: with -S
    6. 100secs: with -T 100

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