17 Dec 2015

MusicBox + Pi1B + Ancient 4.1 Speakers => Chromecast for Audio

Since Chromecast-for-Audio hasn't yet been launched in India, eBay sellers are using near monopoly extra for such a device here. Frustrated with being blackmailed like this, I resorted to conjuring up a combo that finally gave some shape to my 2 year old Pi and a ten year old 4.1 music system a life, and gave a good groove to my (otherwise boring) drawing room :) !
to charge a painful 150%

  • Any Raspberry Pi
    • Except PiZero
      • Too low powered, would not work
    • To clarify, either of the following combos would work
      • The old PiA+ / PiB+
        • with SD Card
          • 2GB or more
      • The newer Pi2
        • with MicroSD Card
          • 2GB or more
  • MusicBox
  • Win32DiskImager
  • Client Operating Sytem
    • (Desktop) Windows
      • Bonjour
        • Optional
          • Makes the URL easier
        • I had Apple iTunes that install Bonjour support by default
    • (Smartphone) Android
      • Doesn't support Bonjour out of the box
      • Alternative,
        • Get the Pi to come with constant IP address
        • Bookmark the URL instead
  • Volume Control
    • The Web Interface allows changing volume
    • From the command line you could try this
      • amixer cset numid=1 -- 80%
Happy Listening :) !

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